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Endpoints and version number

In the Ondernemersplein API all endpoints have a URL with a version number. The endpoints without a version number in the URL alway contain the latest version.

Example (not actual version numbers):

  • /api/v3/articles
  • /api/v2/articles
  • /api/articles no version number in the URL, contains latest version (v3)

Version is only incremented for large changes

The version number is on only incremented for large changes. In this case a new endpoint will become available. For small changes the current version will remain (example /api/v1/articles). Old versions will remain available for backwards compatibility.

Currently only minor changes have been made. Therefore the version remains at v1.


Version 1.40, 28-04-2021

Add subject filter to articles endpoint to allow articles filtering based one or multiple subjects.

Version 1.37, 17-02-2021

Add article type "page-nl" to article endpoint. Fixed showing multiple times the same article in Theme with subjects endpoints.

Version 1.36, 13-01-2021

Added accessibility labels for chart tabs.

Version 1.35, 23-10-2020

Performance improvements

Version 1.34, 13-05-2020

Added documentation of new subjectsview endpoint to the developerpage.

Version 1.33, 22-04-2020

Added /api/v1/themes/{id}/subjectsview endpoint. Get theme by ID (articles grouped by subject).

Version 1.32, 18-03-2020

Security update

Version 1.31, 26-02-2020

Added developerpage

Version 1.30, 05-02-2020

Performance improvements

Version 1.29, 11-12-2019

Bugfix for included CBS Charts

Version 1.28, 20-11-2019

Various bugfixes for CBS Charts

Version 1.27, 18-09-2019


Version 1.26, 28-08-2019

Fix for barchart

Version 1.25, 18-07-2019

New endpoint for featured articles of a theme

Version 1.24, 27-06-2019

Added CBS barchart

Version 1.23, 04-04-2019

Improvements for theme endpoint

Version 1.22, 14-03-2019

Added new Ondernemersplein logo

Version 1.21, 21-02-2019

New themes endpoint

Version 1.20, 08-01-2019

New URL Ondernemersplein

Version 1.19, 18-10-2018

Relative image URL's will now be absolute

Version 1.18, 27-09-2018

Update metadata CBS charts

Version 1.17, 16-08-2018

Added URL field to articles endpoint

Version 1.16, 26-07-2018

Added URL field to subsidies endpoint

Version 1.15, 14-06-2018

Improved readability CBS tables for mobile and desktop

Version 1.14, 24-05-2018

Filtering by region/subject added to selection page ‘Evenementen iFrame’ (‘Event iFrame’)

Version 1.13, 01-03-2018

Added option to embed events in an iFrame.

Version 1.12, 22-03-2018

Extra sort options for endpoint (sort by id, desc)

Version 1.11, 21-02-2018

Small changes

Version 1.10, 08-02-2018

  • Expired events no longer visible
  • Added content type ‘Webinars’

Version 1.9, 05-01-2018

  • Updated Nest and Serilog packages
  • _parent query support
  • Small improvements

Version 1.8, 21-12-2017

Connection between articles and answerpages available via ‘IsPartOf’ node

Version 1.7, 01-12-2017

  • Added search and sort function
  • Added contact block for answerpages

Version 1.6, 02-10-2017

Added CBS charts to articles

Version 1.5, 25-09-2017

No longer displaying fully booked events

Version 1.4, 01-08-2017

  • Swagger UI interface documentation
  • Added article type “wetswijziging-nl”

Version 1.3, 20-07-2017

Expanded ‘Articles endpoints’ with content by Answers for Business (Antwoord voor Bedrijven)

Version 1.2, 26-05-2017

Small changes

Version 1.1, 21-04-2017

Small changes

Version 1.0, 23-03-2017

Initial version