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  • The information in the API is provided by a collaboration of government partners. The partners must be recognisable as the sender.
  • The author (partner or source) must appear with each article. Example: “This information has been provided by the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration”. The attribute author is served as a seperate field in the article endpoint.
  • The Ondernemersplein partnership must be mentioned on the page. This can be done via text or by using the Ondernemersplein logo. A link to ondernemersplein.kvk.nl is not required (but feel free).
  • The content is created by the collaborating government partners. You are not allowed to add or change anything.
  • To prevent search engines from seeing the content as “duplicate”, the original Canonical URL must be visible in the source code. The canonical URL is available as the url field.
  • Ondernemersplein keeps the content up-to-date. We make continuous adjustments. That is why we ask you to retrieve or renew the content from the API at least once every 24 hours. In this way entrepreneurs have full access to government information. Always up-to-date. Always correct.


  • Relevant “Laws and regulations” are also delivered with the articles via the API. We recommend using this feature, to present complete government information.
  • Contact information for the main source of the article is also provided by the API.
  • Feel free to use other elements in the context of the page, such as additional links or your own contact information on the side or bottom of a page.